Belief in History

Innovative Approaches to European and American Religion

Edited by Thomas Kselman

These essays illustrate a new approach to religious history as they seek to reestablish the importance of belief as both an intellectually and psychologically relevant concept.

”... there is a good deal of creative fussing going on among professional historians. Kselman captures some of this in a collection featuring pathmakers like Caroline Bynum, John Bossy and himself. Many readers will appreciate the chapters on American religion. Robert A. Orsi writes a case study on devotion to St Jude… R. Laurence Moore continues his work on the boundaries of the presumed ‘mainstream’ and ‘marginal,’ and perennial revisionist Jon Butler revises American history using Catholicism as a model. Those who work in religious history cannot do without this sample, and those who do not will learn from it about contemporary approaches.” — The Christian Century