Plato II: Ethics, Politics and Philosophy of Art and Religion

A Collection of Critical Essays

Edited by Gregory Vlastos

The critical essays on Plato’s ethics, politics, and philosophy of art and religion in this volume from the Modern Studies in Philosophy series were written by distinguished classicists and philosophers. The variety of their approaches shows how the current renaissance of interest in Plato has been generated in part by the importation of contemporary techniques of logical and semantic analysis. The result has been a more vivid sense of the relevance of Plato’s thought to present-day concerns and a greater appreciation of his stature. The contributors are Paul Shorey, David Sachs, Raphael Demos, J. D. Mabbott, Gregory Vlastos, Terry Penner, F. M. Cornford, R. A. Markus, Glenn R. Morrow, Wayne A. R. Leys, F. E. Sparshott, E. R. Dodds, W. K. C. Guthrie, Harold Cherniss, and W. J. Verdenius.


“[Plato II is] edited by one of the most distinguished philosophers of classical thought in America. Furthermore, the contributors are distinguished recent and contemporary scholars in classics and classical philosophy. . . . Some of the essays were written specifically for these volumes, while others are reprints of major articles, and many reflect the contribution of recent philosophical methodologies and techniques applied to the study of the Plantonis corpus.”—Reprint Bulletin