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Notre Dame Review Book Prize

Series Editor(s): William O’Rourke, University of Notre Dame
The Notre Dame Review Book Prize is a first volume prize, awarded to an author who has published fiction or poetry in the Notre Dame Review. Established in 2013 by the NDR, in conjunction with the Notre Dame Press, the prize is to honor both accomplished and emerging authors who have yet to publish a volume of stories or a collection of poetry. Besides publication, the author is awarded a $1000 prize. The judge is the Editor of the Review, currently William O’Rourke, in conjunction with the Press; the prize will be awarded when warranted. There are no entry requirements.

Open Series: If you are an author with a proposal that seems to fit one of the Open series, please submit it to our Acquisitions Department.
 St. Patrick's Day: another day in Dublin

St. Patrick's Day

another day in Dublin

Thomas McGonigle

ISBN: 978-0-268-03538-9

 Times Beach

Times Beach

John Shoptaw

ISBN: 978-0-268-01785-9

E-ISBN 978-0-268-09287-0