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Catholic Ideas for a Secular World

Series Editor(s): O. Carter Snead
The purpose of this interdisciplinary series is to feature authors from around the world who will expand the influence of Catholic thought on the most important conversations in academia and the public square. The series is “Catholic” in the sense that the books will emphasize and engage the enduring themes of human dignity and flourishing, the common good, truth, beauty, justice, and freedom in ways that reflect and deepen principles affirmed by the Catholic Church for millennia. It is not limited to Catholic authors or even works that explicitly take Catholic principles as a point of departure. Its books are intended to demonstrate the diversity and enhance the relevance of these enduring themes and principles in numerous subjects, ranging from the arts and humanities to the sciences.

Open Series: If you are an author with a proposal that seems to fit one of the Open series, please submit it to our Acquisitions Department.
 Jean Bethke Elshtain: Politics, Ethics, and Society

Jean Bethke Elshtain

Politics, Ethics, and Society

Edited by Debra Erickson and Michael Le Chevallier

ISBN: 978-0-268-10305-7

 Freedom from Reality: The Diabolical Character of Modern Liberty

Freedom from Reality

The Diabolical Character of Modern Liberty

D. C. Schindler

ISBN: 978-0-268-10261-6

 Disarming Beauty: Essays on Faith, Truth, and Freedom

Disarming Beauty

Essays on Faith, Truth, and Freedom

Julián Carrón

ISBN: 978-0-268-10197-8

 Not by Nature but by Grace: Forming Families through Adoption

Not by Nature but by Grace

Forming Families through Adoption

Gilbert C. Meilaender

ISBN: 978-0-268-10068-1

 Augustine and the Limits of Politics

Augustine and the Limits of Politics

Jean Bethke Elshtain
Foreword by Patrick J. Deneen

ISBN: 978-0-268-02001-9