Our Student Impact at Notre Dame Press

Notre Dame Press helps prepare Notre Dame students for fulfilling careers after graduation. Through our undergraduate student internships and participation in the College of Arts and Letters 5+1 Program for graduate students, we provide direct, hands-on career experience and mentorship. Learn more about how we are shaping future publishing professionals in the student impact video and read more about our efforts here.

The University of Notre Dame Press’s commitment to fostering the next generation of scholars, thinkers, and readers is not limited to first-time authors. Our mission extends to students as well.

Each year, Notre Dame Press provides numerous student interns with experience working in a professional environment. Both through our undergraduate program and through our graduate 5 + 1 Program, students learn the ins and outs of publishing and are invited to take on projects that directly impact the creation of our books.

“Working for the press, I was most excited about using creativity to bring upcoming books to life and learning new things in the process. I never expected to be communicating with authors from around the world during my first year at Notre Dame.”

—Ellie Morrison, Business Analytics and Design major

We pride ourselves on providing real-world experience in acquisitions, editing, marketing, sales, design, business, and data management. Additionally, we strive to teach leadership and professional skills that will help them succeed in any future endeavors.

“Because I worked for UND Press, I was completely immersed in how they do their craft and how that world operates. I was able to gain a definite edge when it came to applying for jobs.”

—Ana Jimenez-Moreno, Ph. D. in English, acquisitions editor at The Ohio State University Press 

Our acquisitions staff also works hard to prepare graduate students for success in academia, hosting numerous workshops and lectures that describe how to craft a proposal, how to choose a publisher, how to approach a publisher, and how to transform a dissertation into a book.

Finally, we know that the road to becoming one of the next great scholars, thinkers, and readers is fraught with expenses. To make our books more accessible for research and use in the classroom, we launched our Student Discount Program early this year. Both graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to join. As members of the program, they receive occasional emails about new books and special sales, and they regularly receive promotional discount codes for up to 40% off the list price of any Notre Dame Press print or ebook purchased on our website.

Enjoy our video about our student impact. To learn more about how you can partner with the Press to encourage intellectual exploration and foster the next generation, please visit our support page.