Globalization and Multicultural Societies

Globalization and Multicultural Societies

  • Some Views from Europe

  • Edited by Marina Ricciardelli, Sabine Urban, Kostas Nanopoulos

  • 336 pages, 0.00 x 0.00

  • Paperback | 9780268029579 | June 2003

  • Hardcover | 9780268029524 | June 2003


This timely book offers a series of lively essays debating the topic of globalization—our increasingly integrated and interconnected world. Globalization and Multicultural Societies argues that the globalization process is a major catalyst in transforming contemporary society. Focusing primarily on Europe, this collection brings together writings by renowned intellectual, cultural, and political figures, such as Romano Prodi, Pierre Boulez, Jacky Mamou, and Franco Modigliani, that reflect on the key features and problems of globalization. Essays range across broad topics, including multinational corporations, technology, the arts, science, information flow, finance, unemployment, and the environment. Part 1 of the book is devoted to an analysis of contemporary society’s evolution toward globalization. Part 2 focuses on the restructuring of the systems that produce and distribute goods and services around the world. Part 3 explores the effect of globalization on culture. Taken in their entirety, these essays offer a deeply and meaningfully multidisciplinary volume in which each piece contrasts and contextualizes the other. As most of the contributors are European, the text also offers a fascinating snapshot of contemporary European consciousness, and reveals how much of a “great experiment” the European Union really is. This significant book makes a timely and learned contribution to the debates over globalization that are currently raging not only in the academy, but also on the nightly news and in daily political life. It will appeal to anyone who wishes to better understand the evolution of the world in which we live.