Rethinking the Purpose of Business

Rethinking the Purpose of Business

  • Interdisciplinary Essays from the Catholic Social Tradition

  • Edited by S. A. Cortright , Michael J. Naughton

  • 360 pages, 0.00 x 0.00

  • Paperback | 9780268040116 | October 2002

  • Hardcover | 9780268040086 | October 2002

  • Catholic Social Tradition


Rethinking the Purpose of Business challenges reigning shareholder and stakeholder management theories using philosophical and theological dimensions of the Catholic social tradition. In this useful book, contributors—including management theorists, moral theologians, economists, ethicists, and attorneys—debate complicated issues such as the ethics of profit seeking, equity and efficiency in the firm, the shareholder value principle, social ethics of corporate management, the principle of subsidiarity, and modern contract theory. Contributors Michael J. Naughton, Jean-Yves Calvez, Helen J. Alford, O.P., Charles Clark, S. A. Cortright, and Ernest Pierucci discuss the human implications of current shareholder and stakeholder theories. Robert Kennedy, James Gordley, and Dennis McCann assess the communitarian and personal principles of traditional Catholic social teaching as they relate to organizational and managerial theories. Peter Koslowski, Domènec Melé, Lee Tavis, and Timothy Fort consider how Catholic social principles ought to reshape our understanding of the firm. Jeff Gates, James Murphy, and David Pyke consider how concrete practices in ownership and job design should be affected.