Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action

Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action

  • Twenty Years of Challenge and Progress

  • Edited by Robert John Russell, Nancey Murphy, William R. Stoeger

  • 384 pages, 7.00 x 10.00

  • Paperback | 9788820979614 | January 2009

  • From the Vatican Observatory Foundation


Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action: Twenty Years of Challenge and Progress is a collection of thirteen essays assessing the scholarly contributions to the Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action series, which is comprised of five volumes resulting from international research conferences co-sponsored by the Vatican Observatory and the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences between 1991 and 2000. The overarching goal of the series is to advance the engagement of constructive theology with the natural sciences with special attention to the theme of divine action and to investigate the philosophical and theological elements within science.

This volume is divided into three sections: In Section One, contributors review the history of the series and the development of new research methodology and discuss philosophical issues raised by the laws of nature and the limits of science; in Section Two, authors provide philosophical analysis of specific issues in the series; and in Section Three, contributors offer theological analyses of specific issues.

The five volumes in the series include: Quantum Cosmology and the Laws of Nature (vol. 1, 1993); Chaos and Complexity (vol. 2, 1995); Molecular and Evolutionary Biology (vol. 3, 1998); Neuroscience and the Person (vol. 4, 1999); and Quantum Mechanics (vol. 5, 2001), and are distributed by University of Notre Dame Press.