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Brooklyn poet publishes Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize volume 

Brooklyn poet Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes has published The Inheritance of Haunting, winner of the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize. The poems in Rhodes’s collection contend with historical memory and its losses and gains carried within the body, wrought through colonization and its generations of violence, war, and survival. The driving forces behind Rhodes’s work include a decolonizing ethos; a queer sensibility that extends beyond sexual and gender identities to include a politics of deviance; errantry; ramshackled bodies; and forms of loving and living that persist in their wild difference.

The Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize is awarded every other year by the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame for the first full length volume of poetry by a promising Latinx poet. This volume was selected by judge Ada Limón, author of five books of poetry including The Carrying, a National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry winner, and Bright Dead Things, a finalist for the National Book Award. The Montoya Prize aims to support emerging Latinx poets, and “provides a space for artists who, while part of the largest and fastest growing minority in the United States, are also increasingly diverse in their modes of literary expression.” Rhodes and Limón have scheduled a joint reading at the Poetry Foundation in Chicago on Thursday, October 17, 2019.

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