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The Value of University Press Publishing from Friends of Notre Dame Press

Today, valuing expertise and knowledge can feel like a radical act. Notre Dame Press not only believes in facts and knowledge, but produces and distributes them daily, publishing approximately 60 peer-reviewed print and digital books each year, read by people around the globe. Notre Dame Press authors, friends, and advocates frequently tell our colleagues at the Press that our work in scholarly publishing matters. We wanted to take this opportunity to share a few of these comments with you as well.

“I have always been impressed by the quality of the editorial process, by the publicity connected to the appearance of the book, and by the effort to seek reviews of the manuscript in appropriate sources. I am honored to have been included among a distinguished group of scholars across a wide array of disciplines who have entrusted the fruit of their labors to the Press in service of the pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness.”

Monk Malloy, President Emeritus, University of Notre Dame

“It has been an absolute delight to work with the dedicated staff at Notre Dame Press from the very beginning stages of acquisition to now the post publication phase of the book; they are eager, smart, kind, and capaciously generous. Think of a well-oiled machine with razor sharp efficiency combined with always dependable human touch and care: that’s the University of Notre Dame Press.”

SherAli Tareen, author of Defending Muḥammad in Modernity

“Ideally, a university press should do more than publish first-rate work. It should also burnish the reputation of the institution that sponsors it. Notre Dame’s university press does just that. The press does a remarkable job of amplifying the university’s many strengths. As opposed to being all things to all people, it has charted a more directed and intentional course, one that is bound to the university’s mission. So, we should have a preeminent press in Medieval studies, in theology, in philosophy, in intellectual history, in Irish studies, in Catholic studies and history. And we do. As the university strives to remain the world’s preeminent Catholic research university, it needs a press that also aspires to great things. Thankfully, we have that.”

Patrick Griffin, Director, Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies

“As a copyeditor for Notre Dame Press for many years, I have had the opportunity to observe the breadth of scholarship—philosophy, political science, medieval studies, Latin American studies, religious studies, gender studies, among others—that the press has made available to both a scholarly and a lay readership. The authors the press has published are representative of the academic community: established, previously published authors as well as those beginning their careers and in mid-career. I am impressed by the scope and depth of the works I have had the opportunity to work on, as well as the professionalism of the press staff in meeting the expectations of its authors.”

Sheila Berg, copyeditor

“Dealing with my publisher has been surprisingly joyful! Notre Dame Press is the best I have dealt with. You’ve assembled an extraordinary editorial team, which is releasing some of the best and most important titles in politics and political theory, amongst other fields.”

Bradley C. S. Watson, author of Progressivism

“The Notre Dame Press brings new ideas to the university through the scholarship it sponsors. By involving faculty and students in the review and publication of original work, it enriches the university and, through the books it publishes, scholarly communities and others throughout the nation and the world. Multiply this a hundred times and one can begin to see the enormous impact that university presses have.”

Thomas Burish, Provost Emeritus, University of Notre Dame

“I am thrilled, and, to be honest, a bit awed, to have my work with a press that has published classics by John Henry Newman, Thomas Aquinas, Jacques Maritain, Etienne Gilson, major works by celebrated contemporary theologians such as Stanley Hauerwas, Matthew Levering, Denys Turner, Tomáš Halík, and David Bentley Hart, and works by upcoming young scholars whose work I admire such as Anne M. Carpenter, Jennifer Newsome Martin, Grant Kaplan, and Andrew Prevot.”

Joseph Gordon, author of Divine Scripture in Human Understanding

“It is so gratifying having a partner who is as passionate about the authors in our series as we are. Everyone at Notre Dame Press—from the director to the marketing team to the editorial assistants—has been enthusiastic about working with us every step of the way, helping turn our vision for these series into a reality. Their dedication has resulted in four outstanding series that we are incredibly proud of, making these publications even stronger than we could have hoped.”

Margaret Cabaniss, Scholarly Research and Publications Program Manager,
de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture

“In a time of rancorous public discourse and heightened concern that some human lives are not valued as much as others, I’ve been delighted to work for and with people who are just the sort of humane conversation partners I would hope to find in the humanities. The press’s managing editors have been consummate professionals who have a sense of humor and show interest in me as a person. The authors whose work I edit are humble, grateful, curious people with vital messages. In serving Notre Dame Press, I’m serving human flourishing by contributing to the Great Conversation.”

Bob Banning, Turning Leaves Editorial

From where I sit, Notre Dame Press is one of the top presses (by reputation and quality) in the field of theology. I encourage anyone who can to publish with Notre Dame Press.

Timothy Hartman, author of Theology after Colonization

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