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The University of Notre Dame Press is thrilled to publish Agrarian Spirit: Cultivating Faith, Community, and the Land by Norman Wirzba. In celebration of its publication, we are giving away a limited number of SIGNED galleys! Enter to win by filling out the form at the bottom of this post. This offer expires May 30th and is limited to US residents.

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“Norman Wirzba has done it again: this is—literally and figuratively—the most grounded (and grounding) book I’ve read in a long age. It will lead you to contemplation, and then, if you’re lucky, to change.”

—Bill McKibben, author of The Comforting Whirlwind

For thousands of years most human beings drew their daily living from, and made sense of their lives in reference to, the land. Growing and finding food, along with the multiple practices of home maintenance and the cultivations of communities, were the abiding concerns that shaped what people understood about and expected from life. In Agrarian Spirit, Norman Wirzba demonstrates how agrarianism is of vital and continuing significance for spiritual life today. Far from being the exclusive concern of a dwindling number of farmers, this book shows how agrarian practices are an important corrective to the political and economic policies that are doing so much harm to our society and habitats. It is an invitation to the personal transformation that equips all people to live peaceably and beautifully with each other and the land.

“Norman Wirzba traces, in bold compelling strokes, the difference between the world taken as creation to be inhabited in gratitude and as nature to be exploited in greed, the difference between the world as commodity and the world as relationship. In the context of that difference he explores specific hands-on practices and disciplines that make it possible to live as a soil-embracing creature of God outside the grasp of an anti-creation economy of greed. This welcome book offers transformative energy and courage for a different way of living.” —

Walter Brueggemann, author of A Wilderness Zone

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