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Award-Winning Author Maya Sonenberg launches “Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters” Book Tour

On August 19, Maya Sonenberg, professor of English in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Washington, will launch her book tour for Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters. Taking place in Seattle, New York, and virtually, this book tour highlights her long-awaited new collection of short stories, Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters, winner of the Richard Sullivan Prize in Short Fiction, sponsored by the Creative Writing Program in the Department of English at the University of Notre Dame

A collection of dense, startling stories, Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters depicts the messiness of domestic relationships in candid depictions of women’s family lives. Sonenberg places these stories around the central question, “What happens when the urge to ditch your family outpaces the desire to love them?” 

The book has received early critical attention. Foreword Reviews says in its starred review, “Sonenberg subverts the expected rhythm of short stories. Instead of focusing on plot, she focuses on meaning, with infallibly chosen details that reach past the brain and into the soul. . . . The short stories of Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters are written with such beauty and empathy that each conjures a heartfelt sigh.” Additionally, Sonenberg’s stories have been described by Tina May Hall, author of The Physics of Everyday Objects, as “nimble, witty, and unafraid of delving into the domestic grotesque via the sticky tendrils of the fairy tale.” 

Maya Sonenberg has the following events scheduled:

The book signings are free and open to the public.

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