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New Paperback Release: “Don’t Think for Yourself” by Peter Adamson

In a world mired in polarization, conflict, and misinterformation, how do we form our own opinions? What authorities should we trust? 

In Don’t Think for Yourself: Authority and Belief in Medieval Philosophy, Peter Adamson turns to the medieval period to answer these pertinent questions. He draws upon the intellectual traditions of the Islamic world, Byzantine Empire, and Latin Christendom to explore the history of the relationship between authority and independent thought.

Don’t Think for Yourself not only provides a comprehensive survey of medieval philosophical thought, but it also challenges readers to consider how they can apply those ideas to their own lives. As The New Arab emphasizes, “Peter Adamson offers us a chance to have a dialogue across the generations, cultures and geographies…. We may not agree with what our predecessors thought about expertise and our relationship to it, but reading them might trigger a new way of thinking about our problems. A thoughtful, engaging and erudite book that leaves one wanting more.” 

The new paperback edition is available for purchase on our website

Peter Adamson is professor of philosophy at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. He is the author and co-author of a number of books, including A History of Philosophy without Any Gaps: Philosophy in the Islamic World.

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