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Notre Dame Press Presents its Fall 2021 Catalog

The University of Notre Dame Press is proud to present its catalog of Fall 2021 titles. This collection promises to engage readers with a variety of subjects, from theology to politics to medical ethics. Waed Athamneh, who published Modern Arabic Poetry with Notre Dame Press, returns with Muhammad Masud with Defiance in Exile: Syrian Refugee Women in Jordan.This volume offers for the first […]

Our Pets Review Our Books!

The pets have reviewed our books and are eager to share some of their favorites with you. First, meet Po, an adventurous reader who enjoys historical works. She has a special appreciation for Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s novels on the Russian revolution. “One of my nine lives was spent as as cat on the streets of Petrograd,” […]

Notre Dame Press 2020 Media Report is Here

During 2020, the COVID-19 crisis impacted how University of Notre Dame Press books were published, printed, reviewed, and sold. The book industry experienced rapid change and unprecedented market response to the pandemic. Nearly all Notre Dame Press Spring 2020 titles and our entire Fall 2020 list were released while the in-house Press staff worked remotely, […]

Our Pets Take Over the Press!

BREAKING: COVID-19 has certainly taken its toll. Weary in body and spirit, the staff of the University of Notre Dame Press are taking a much-needed vacation and leaving their offices to their pets. As the pets have settled into the work, a significant issue has arisen. They require the input of readers to settle the […]

Notre Dame Press Partners with JSTOR and Schomburg Center Open Library

Material from four Notre Dame Press titles has been selected for inclusion in JSTOR’s companion to the Schomburg Center’s Black Liberation Reading List. To meet the need for content related to racism, anti-racism, and Black voices, JSTOR created an extensive open library to support students, scholars, and general readers seeking to engage with BIPOC+Q-authored reading lists, starting with […]

Stephen Little Leaves Acquisitions Role at Notre Dame Press

On January 1, 2021, University of Notre Dame Press acquisitions editor Stephen Little left the Press after a decade of service. Stephen came to Notre Dame Press in August 2010 after completing his Ph.D. in Literature at the University of Notre Dame. During his early years at the Press, he served as the sole acquisitions editor […]

Notre Dame Press 2019–2020 Year at a Glance

Each year, Notre Dame Press connects the ideas of leading scholars and experts with new readers. In celebration of Notre Dame Day, we’re pleased to share the Notre Dame Press 2019–2020 Year at a Glance, which showcases the reach and impact of the press. Though this was a challenging year, Notre Dame Press maintained the […]

Notre Dame Press Presents Its Spring 2021 Catalog: Books to Increase Your Knowledge

The University of Notre Dame Press is proud to present its Spring 2021 Catalog of publications. Each season, Notre Dame Press plays a vital role in elevating authors, subjects, and whole disciplines that bring new perspectives, ideas, and voices to readers around the globe. Browse our newest offerings in African American studies, civil rights history, Middle East studies, fiction, theology, religion, philosophy, […]