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An Excerpt from “Five Biblical Portraits” by Elie Wiesel

Five Biblical Portraits represents an old-new approach to Jewish textual commentary. This sequel to Elie Wiesel’s Messengers of God continues the work done in that volume of bringing religious figures to life and studying their place both in the text and in our lives. Wiesel reflects on his own life as well as the tragedy of the Holocaust […]

American History in the Spotlight: Three Authors, Three Topics

Notre Dame Press has an extensive backlist of American history from a wide range of scholars. Here we’re thrilled to highlight three of them and their specific works with the topics of Catholicism, political thought, and Latino Studies.  Robert Schmuhl, Jay P. Dolan, and Julian Samora all contributed scholarship to the important field of American […]

An Excerpt from “Generals and Admirals, Criminals and Crooks” by Jeffrey J. Matthews

There is an ugly strain of criminal and unethical leadership in the upper ranks of the American military. Despite the exemplary service of most American military members, a persistent minority of U.S. flag officers (Navy admirals and Army, Air Force, and Marine generals) have embroiled the profession in scandal since the Revolutionary War. In Generals and […]

The Inspiration Behind “The Rivers Are Inside Our Homes”

In The Rivers Are Inside Our Homes, Cuban American poet Victoria María Castells explores how we can salvage our notion of paradise in an overspent Eden. In thwarted homes located in Havana and Miami, Rapunzel and her prince, persecuted nymphs, Morgause, and Bluebeard’s wife speak to us directly, all in need of returning to safety. […]

Enter Our Giveaway for a Chance to Win a Copy of “The Rivers Are Inside Our Homes”

This month, the University of Notre Dame Press is pleased to publish The Rivers Are Inside Our Homesby Victoria María Castells. In celebration, we are giving away a limited number of copies! Enter to win by filling out the form at the bottom of this post. This offer expires August 31st and is open to U.S. residents only. […]