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Philosophy and the Soul’s Search for God

In the following blog post, Paul Herrick responds to the charge that theistic arguments are mere “god of the gap” fallacies. He expands on his argument in Philosophy, Reasoned Belief, and Faith and shares why any course on philosophy needs to integrate arguments for God’s existence. When philosophers give arguments for God’s existence, they are often […]

Mark Brazaitis on Mental Illness and Healing

In The Incurables, winner of the Richard Sullivan Prize in Short Fiction, Mark Brazaitis evokes with sympathy, insight, and humor the lives of characters in a small Ohio town. The ten short stories in this collection limn the mental landscape of people facing conditions they believe are insolvable, from the oppressive horrors of mental illness to […]

Learning Philosophy Through Philosophy of Religion

On the latest episode of Parker’s Pensées podcast, Parker Settecase interviews Paul Herrick about his recently published book, Philosophy, Reasoned Belief, and Faith: An Introduction. The episode is titled “Learn Philosophy Through Philosophy of Religion.”  In the following blog post, Paul Herrick expands on some of the issues he discussed during the podcast, including his […]

Notre Dame Press’s Community Imprint: Tales from a “Plus One”

Christopher C. Rios-Sueverkruebbe, University of Notre Dame Press’s 5+1 postdoctoral fellow, represents the Press’s commitment to both the power of ideas and the formation of the next generation of scholars, readers, and thinkers. He looks forward to carrying on the Press’s forward-looking dedication to excellence as he pursues an impactful career in academic publishing. He […]

Maya Sonenberg on Recovering the Muse

Maya Sonenberg, author of Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters, the most recent winner of the Richard Sullivan Prize in Short Fiction, discusses losing her inspiration and finding it again. After my son was born, and then my daughter, I stopped writing for ten years.  Oh, since I’m a professor and was then director of the creative […]

Voices from “Black Domers”

Notre Dame Press Marketing Intern Sydni Brooks interviewed her godmother, Ramona Payne, one of the students in Black Domers: African-American Students at Notre Dame in Their Own Words. Ramona and her husband, Tony Fitts, share their experiences as Black students at Notre Dame and provide wisdom for future students. Sydni: So my first question is […]

The Honest Genius of George Eliot

Bernadette Waterman Ward shares a concise overview of George Eliot’s interaction with Girard’s mimetic desire and the honest realism within Eliot’s novels. George Eliot’s biographers and critics usually present her as a heroic champion of feminism and humanism, supported by her longtime lover in her radical lifestyle. Yet careful chronological reading of all her work, […]

Top Holiday Picks from a Notre Dame Student

Once again, it’s time for the Notre Dame Press Holiday Sale! Until December 7th, save 50% on all books and ebooks during our holiday sale and enjoy free shipping on orders over $30. After that, enjoy 40% off on all our books and free shipping on orders over $50 until December 31st. Sydni Brooks, one […]

Contending Populisms: Pope Francis’s Response to the Politics of Division

In this post, originally published as a Contending Modernities Global Currents article, Angus Ritchie discusses Pope Francis’s recent citation of his book, Inclusive Populism: Creating Citizens in a Global Age.  Canon Dr. Angus Ritchie is an Anglican priest. For over twenty years, he has served in parishes in East London involved in community organizing, playing a […]