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An Excerpt from “Generals and Admirals, Criminals and Crooks” by Jeffrey J. Matthews

There is an ugly strain of criminal and unethical leadership in the upper ranks of the American military. Despite the exemplary service of most American military members, a persistent minority of U.S. flag officers (Navy admirals and Army, Air Force, and Marine generals) have embroiled the profession in scandal since the Revolutionary War. In Generals and […]

New Paperback Release: “Who Are My People?” by Emmanuel Katongole

Now available in paperback, Emmanuel Katongole’s Who Are My People?: Love, Violence, and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa tackles complex questions concerning the interplay between identity, religion, and violence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Analyzing violence as rooted in a crisis of belonging, Katongole argues that the various forms of violence, including ethnic, religious, and ecological violence, are […]

New Paperback Release: “Stories from Palestine” by Marda Dunsky

Now available in paperback, Stories from Palestine: Narratives of Resilience highlights the agency of Palestinians in their everyday life under Israeli occupation, based on interviews conducted with women and men across the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip. Their narratives illuminate relatable aspects of daily life under occupation that extend beyond media tropes of oppression and violence […]

Four Notre Dame Press Books Receive Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards

Foreword Reviews recently announced the winners of the 2022 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards. These awards recognize outstanding books from independent and university presses, as well as self-published books. Matt Sutherland, Foreword Reviews‘s Executive Editor, said the following glowing words about this year’s competition: “What a monumental and exciting effort the judging process […]

An Interview with James J. Sheehan, Author of “Making a Modern Political Order”

James J. Sheehan is the Dickason Professor in the Humanities, Emeritus, at Stanford University. He was president of the American Historical Association in 2005 and is the author and editor of numerous books, including Where Have All the Soldiers Gone? The University of Notre Dame Press is thrilled to publish his newest book, Making a Modern Political […]

Notre Dame Press Celebrates Its Kellogg Institute Series & Kellogg Institute’s 40th Anniversary

This year, Notre Dame’s Kellogg Institute for International Studies celebrates its 40th anniversary. Founded in 1982 thanks to a generous donation from Helen Kellogg, the Institute brings together an interdisciplinary community of scholars to promote research and education in the areas of democracy and human development. In the pursuit of its mission, the Kellogg Institute […]