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“Spiritual Exercises for a Secular Age” Receives the 2021 CTS Best Book Award

At its annual convention on June 3, the College Theology Society announced that Ryan G. Duns, S.J., assistant professor of theology at Marquette University, received the 2021 CTS Best Book Award for Spiritual Exercises for a Secular Age: Desmond and the Quest for God (University of Notre Dame Press, 2020). The award committee called Duns’s book a “work of high […]

An Excerpt from “Simone Weil for the Twenty-First Century” by Eric O. Springsted

Simone Weil for the Twenty-First Century presents a comprehensive analysis of Weil’s interdisciplinary thought, focusing especially on the depth of its challenge to contemporary philosophical and religious studies. In a world where little is seen to have real meaning, Eric O. Springsted presents a critique of the unfocused nature of postmodern philosophy and argues that Weil’s […]

An Excerpt from “Ars Vitae” by Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn

In Ars Vitae: The Fate of Inwardness and the Return of the Ancient Arts of Living (October 2020), Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn engages both general readers and scholars on the topic of well-being. She examines the reappearance of ancient philosophical thought in contemporary American culture, probing whether new stirrings of Gnosticism, Stoicism, Epicureanism, Cynicism, and Platonism present […]

An Interview with David Walsh, author of “The Priority of the Person”

We recently had the opportunity to ask David Walsh a few questions about his new book, The Priority of the Person: Political, Philosophical, and Historical Discoveries, which was published by the University of Notre Dame Press in August 2020 as part of the The Beginning and the Beyond of Politics series. Walsh is professor of […]

An Excerpt from “The Priority of the Person” by David Walsh

In The Priority of the Person (August 2020), world-class philosopher David Walsh advances the argument set forth in his highly original philosophic meditation Politics of the Person as the Politics of Being (2015), that “person” is the central category of modern political thought and philosophy.  From “Chapter Sixteen: Hope Does Not Disappoint“ Whether the political realm preserves the […]

What Can the Stoics and Other Ancient Philosophers Teach Us About Our Well-Being and Happiness?

Despite the flood of self-help guides and our current therapeutic culture, feelings of alienation and spiritual longing continue to grip modern society. Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, whose earlier book Race Experts was reviewed by the New York Times Book Review and The Washington Post, offers a fresh solution: a return to classic philosophy and the cultivation of an inner life. In Ars Vitae: The Fate of Inwardness and the […]

An Interview with Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, author of “Ars Vitae”

Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn is a professor of history and senior research associate at the Campbell Public Affairs Institute, Syracuse University. Her work focuses on ideas and their intricacy, inner-workings, and importance in the lives of individuals and society, past and present. In addition to modern and contemporary American social, cultural, and intellectual history, she has broader […]

Book Examines Challenges of Old Age and Dying Well

Decline and death are some of the most unsettling aspects of human experience. Across time, philosophy, religion, and civic cultures have helped people prepare for aging and dying “well;” however, this no longer happens. One need only consider the many controversies that frame aging as a problem to be solved—from anti-aging interventions to assisted suicide—to […]

An Interview with Joseph E. Davis and Paul Scherz, co-editors of “The Evening of Life”

Joseph E. Davis and Paul Scherz are the co-editors of The Evening of Life: The Challenges of Aging and Dying Well (September 2020). The Evening of Life provides an interdisciplinary examination of the challenges of aging and dying well and calls for a re-envisioning of cultural concepts, practices, and virtues that embraces decline, dependency, and finitude rather […]