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The University of Notre Dame Press believes in the power of books to change the world by advancing knowledge and impacting lives. As a nonprofit university press, we select books for publication based on their academic merit and intellectual contributions, and we uphold rigorous editorial and production standards. Not all scholarly books recover their costs through sales alone; in accord with our mission, some of our most critically acclaimed works are targeted at small but influential audiences.

When you support Notre Dame Press, you help connect the research, insights, and expertise of university faculty and independent scholars with the world, while expanding the reach, impact, and reputation of the University of Notre Dame. Your support encourages and sustains intellectual innovation and fosters the next generation of scholars, thinkers, and readers.

Passion, faith, and truth matter now more than ever. With your help, our books and authors will continue to be a powerful force for good in the world.


Ways to Give

To support Notre Dame Press, please visit, select “Other” under designation, and write in University Press. Gifts will be added to our General Endowment to ensure the long-term excellence and financial sustainability of the Press.

You can also support specific aspects of our mission by writing in University Press and a specific fund name under the designation. All funds are administered at the discretion of the Director to ensure the continuing critical and commercial success of the Press. The University of Notre Dame Press currently receives support from the following funds:

The Giles Family Fund supports the work and mission of the University of Notre Dame Press to publish books that engage the most enduring questions of our time. Each year the endowment helps underwrite the publication and promotion of books that spark intellectual exploration and expand the reach and impact of the University. Gifts to the Giles Family Fund support the Press in enhancing the reach of books that may require significant upfront investment for production or promotion but have the potential to provide substantial revenue after publication. Donations to the Giles Family Fund are a gift that keeps giving back to the Press.


If you would like more information about how you can support the University of Notre Dame Press, please contact Michelle Sybert, Sales and Development Director, at or (574) 631-4910.