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About The Press

Established in 1949, the University of Notre Dame Press is the largest Catholic university press in the world, and a scholarly publisher of distinguished books in a number of academic disciplines; in poetry and fiction; and in areas of interest to general readers. The Press publishes forty to fifty books annually and maintains a robust backlist in print.

Located on the University of Notre Dame campus, the Press is a publishing partner with several university departments, programs, and institutes. Through those efforts, it extends the reach and reputation of the University while fulfilling its charge to advance intellectual exploration and knowledge.

The Press’s imprint is overseen by an editorial board comprised of scholars from a variety of university departments. New titles are approved by the board after a rigorous process of peer review.

The Press has long offered books in a number of series. To view the list of series in which we actively acquire, please click Series


Editorial Program

The Press’s editorial program focuses primarily on the humanities and traditional social sciences with concentrations in religion, theology, philosophy, ethics, history and philosophy of science, political science and theory, medieval and early modern studies, Irish and Irish American studies, African American studies, Latin American studies, Latino studies, peace studies and international relations, literary criticism, and original short fiction and poetry. We do not invite submissions in the hard sciences, mathematics, or novel-length fiction.

For more information on our editorial program and acquisitions, and for information on submitting a proposal, please see our For Authors page

Contact Information

Stephen Wrinn


To contact the acquisitions department, or to submit a proposal, please see our For Authors page.

Eli Bortz
Senior Acquisitions Editor
(574) 631-4912

Stephen Little
Acquisitions Editor
(574) 631-4906

Robyn Karkiewicz
Assistant to the Director
(574) 631-4913


Gina Bixler
Coordinator of Office Services
(574) 631-4915

Information Technology

Paul Ashenfelter
IT Program Manager
(574) 631-7415


Matthew Dowd
Manuscript Editor
(574) 631-4914

Elizabeth Sain
Assistant Editor
(574) 631-4911


Kathryn Pitts
Marketing Manager
(574) 631-3267

Susan Berger
Marketing Promotions Assistant
(574) 631-4905


Wendy McMillen
Production & Design Manager
(574) 631-4907

Jennifer Bernal
Digital Assets Manager
(574) 631-3266

Publishing Partners

The Press partners with departments, programs, and institutes at the University of Notre Dame by publishing work produced by their affiliated scholars and writers. Here are some of the institutional partners with whom the Press works, as well as their respective publication series (where applicable):

The William & Katherine Devers Program in Dante Studies
The William & Katherine Devers Program in Dante Studies supports rare book acquisitions in the John A. Zahm, C.S.C., Dante Collection, as well as teaching and research about Dante across the Arts & Letters curriculum. The Program also sponsors conferences, fellowships, lecture series, seminars, and visiting professorships, as well as publication of scholarly research through the Devers Series in Dante Studies, published regularly by the Press. Scholarship in the series represents a wide variety of disciplinary viewpoints, in diverse scholarly genres, including critical studies, commentaries, editions, translations, and conference proceedings of exceptional importance.

Department of English

Sponsored by the Department of English, the Ward-Phillips Lectures are delivered annually by a prominent scholar invited by the department. The Press publishes some of the lectures in this series. To learn about upcoming Ward-Phillips Lectures, please visit the Department of English site.

Creative Writing Program, Department of English

The Press publishes the winning manuscripts of two creative writing contests administered by the Creative Writing Program (CWP) at the University of Notre Dame. The Ernest Sandeen Prize in Poetry and the Richard Sullivan Prize in Short Fiction are awarded to authors who have published at least one volume of short fiction or one volume of poetry, respectively. Both the Sandeen and Sullivan Prizes are awarded biannually, but judged quadrennially.

Please see the contest guidelines and submission dates at the CWP site:

The Notre Dame Review Book Prize is a first volume prize, awarded to an author who has published fiction (or poetry) in the Notre Dame Review.

Jacques Maritain Center

Founded in 1957, the Jacques Maritain Center ensures that the spirit of Jacques Maritain remains alive at Notre Dame through its work of preserving and archiving materials and sponsoring a number of meetings and lectures devoted to the thought of Maritain.

The Press is committed to publishing the collected works of Jacques Maritain. To see the volumes currently available, please click here:


Exhibits Schedule

The Press regularly exhibits at scholarly conferences.
Visit the University of Notre Dame Press booth at the following exhibits:

  • American Catholic Philosophical Association October 9–12, 2014, Washington, DC
  • Notre Dame Ethics and Culture
Conference November 2014, McKenna Hall, Notre Dame, IN
  • American Academy of Religion/SBL November 22–25, 2014, San Diego, CA
  • American Historical Association January 2–5, 2015, New York City
  • Society of Christian Ethics
 Jan 8–11, 2015, Chicago, IL
  • American Philosophical Association, Central Meeting Feb. 18–21, 2015, St. Louis, Missouri  – Scholar’s Choice Exhibits
  • ND Medical Ethics Conference March 2015, Notre Dame, IN
  • Medieval Academy of America March 12–14, 2015, Notre Dame, IN
  • American Conference on Irish Studies March 27–29, 2015, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • AWP Annual Conference April 8–11, 2015, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • International Congress of Medieval Studies May 14–17, 2015, Kalamazoo, MI
  • Catholic Theological Society of America June 11–14, 2015, Milwaukee, WI

Distribution & Order Fulfillment

More information about our distributor, the Chicago Distribution Center, our order policies, and customer service can be found here.


We distribute a Fall and Spring seasonal catalog every year and direct mail catalogs throughout the year. To read our most recent seasonal catalog, click on catalogs .