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For Authors

If you are a prospective author, please visit our submission guidelines page.

If you are a current Notre Dame Press author or have a project under contract with the Press, congratulations! We’ve compiled resources and guidelines to aid you in preparing your manuscript and artwork for publication.

Manuscript and Graphics Submission Guidelines

Manuscript and Graphics Preparation Guidelines (PDF)

Please review our guidelines above for preparing manuscripts, electronic files, illustrations, and permissions.

Additional Graphics Preparation Guidelines (PDF)

Art Checklist – DON’T’s:

  • Do not write on the back of any original photos. Use pressure sensitive labels instead.
  • Do not use ink that might rub off of the label onto the photo itself (as do roller ball pens).
  • Do not submit line art in programs such as Corel Draw, Excel, Access, or table generators in word-processing files.
  • Do not size photos and line art too small. We can reduce larger images but cannot enlarge tiny ones.
  • Do not staple, tape, or clip original photos.
  • Do not submit gif, jpeg, or compressed images. TIFFs are preferred.
  • Do not enlarge a graphic image once it has been scanned. It must be scanned at the reproduction size.
  • Do not download art from the Web for submission as original art. Web art is only 72 dpi, not high-enough resolution for print publication. Most images need to be at least 300 dpi to reproduce in a book.

Author Responsibilities and Copyright Guidelines

AUPresses Permissions FAQ (PDF)

This document was developed by the Copyright Committee of the Association of University Presses (AUPresses) for dissemination among member presses. It is designed to provide practical answers to the kinds of copyright permissions questions authors often raise when preparing their work for submission. Sample permissions letters are appended.