My Notre Dame

My Notre Dame

  • Memories and Reflections of Sixty Years

  • by Thomas Stritch

  • 256 pages, 6.00 x 9.00

  • Paperback | 9780268014025 | August 1992


In this memoir, Thomas Stritch turns a loving, reflective eye on the university to which he came as a freshman in 1930 and in which he remains today, as Professor Emeritus of American Studies. Stritch pretends to no more than a personal view, but this collection of memories, observations, and impressions of the people and ideas behind Notre Dame's growth as a university is shaped by sixty years of experience and offers an insider's view of the university community. Writing about the growth of Notre Dame since its Diamond Jubilee in 1917, Stritch discusses its presidents, the evolution of Notre Dame's religious spirit, its colorful characters, his own undergraduate days, his experiences in and out of the classroom, the history of fine arts at Notre Dame, and his personal involvement with various academic departments. With intimate detail, Stritch shares all that Notre Dame has meant to him.