Our Pets Take Over the Press!

BREAKING: COVID-19 has certainly taken its toll. Weary in body and spirit, the staff of the University of Notre Dame Press are taking a much-needed vacation and leaving their offices to their pets. As the pets have settled into the work, a significant issue has arisen. They require the input of readers to settle the matter once and for all:

Is it cats or dogs who rule?

Stronger in number and in mind, the cats seem the likely favorite. “It makes no difference to me,” Steve, a sleek black feline, said, “but for what it’s worth, of course we ought to win. So, we will, and you can be sure of that.” Moxie, a Golden Retriever with whom Steve cohabitates, agreed cheerfully. “He’s probably right, as he usually is. I’m just so happy to be here,” she told us.

Yet hope is not lost for the dogs’ case. In a surprising (to the cats) turn of events, many have spoken up in support of their canine companions. We heard from Phoenix the crested gecko, “Are dogs really ever the underdogs?”

In an astounding expression of gratitude, the dogs have offered friendship to anyone who supports their cause. Frankie the Pug said, “Birds, bunnies, whoever I meet on the street—there’s no reason we cannot work and play together on this!”

To resolve this matter once and for all, the cats and dogs suggested a vote by way of a sale: from now until April 7, you can enjoy 40% off all Notre Dame Press books and cast your vote by using the promo code 14CATS or 14DOGS at checkout.

Steve deigns to let Moxie read Tomáš Halík’s I Want You to Be with him.
Frankie posed with his collection of the works of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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