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The Value of University Press Publishing from our Notre Dame Press Colleagues

Our colleagues at Notre Dame Press are some of the finest scholarly book professionals in the business. From our acquisitions team to our extraordinary editors, production and design staff, and marketing and sales professionals, we strive day in and out to bring new perspectives, ideas, and voices to readers around the globe. Here is what a few of our colleagues say about what it means to do this important work and to work with such a great team of publishing professionals:

“What I’ve enjoyed most about working at a university press is developing and furthering a sense of community amongst my colleagues. Not only have I learned more about the publishing process overall, but I have also appreciated the camaraderie and collaboration around each project. We have a great crew here at Notre Dame Press, and I’m always excited to see what we’ve got brewing next.”

David Juarez, Editorial Assistant

“Working at the University of Notre Dame Press allows me to play an integral role in connecting the research and knowledge of leading scholars with the world. It’s extremely rewarding to help authors share their ideas and insights with new readers, encouraging new ways of thinking about and responding to the challenges that face us.”

Michelle Sybert, Sales and Development Director

“To me, the university press represents one of the few major areas in the modern world that stands for higher ideals than money and temporal success. It is a daily reminder that to be a fully-realized human person is to step outside of the narrow domain of busy-ness and utility and into the wider cosmos of being and ultimate meaning. So I find it meaningful every day to wake up and invest my life in academic publishing at the UND Press.”

Stephen Little, Acquisitions Editor

“What I love about working for a university press is the feeling of comradery and family that exudes from every corner of this campus. The activity and culture of learning that surrounds the press everyday envigor and challenge us all to find new ways of doing the same thing for bigger and better results. For me, every new publication is a different puzzle and we get to figure out how to put it together. I have always heard that Notre Dame is a special place and indeed, it truly is.”

Wendy McMillen, Production & Design Manager

“In The Library Book, Susan Orlean quotes Glen Creason, a senior librarian at the Los Angeles Public Library, which lost over 400,000 books during the disastrous fire of 1986. When Creason was finally able to return to his library desk after the long restoration period, he said, “When the library reopened, we were so happy to see our books again!” I feel that way every day working at a university press, but I know that my happiness will increase tenfold when my colleagues and I are able to return to our office after the COVID-19 crisis and see our books again.”

Kathryn Pitts, Marketing and Publicity Director

“My favorite thing about working for a university press remains the same thing I was able to say after my first year on the job as a manuscript editor: I constantly learn about new ideas. In that first year, I copyedited books on US religious history, psychology, biblical studies, medieval textual studies, and ancient Greek philosophy. Getting to dip into serious scholarship on a wide range of topics is still what I appreciate the most about my work with a university press.”

Matthew Dowd, Managing Editor

“Books have always been a way to share knowledge and experiences that I would otherwise never encounter. To be able to work for Notre Dame Press, to play a role in the creation of these vehicles of personal growth, is a dream come true.”

Stephanie Hoffman, Marketing and Specialist

“My favorite thing about working with UNDP is the professionalism of the staff. Since Steve Wrinn took on the role of Director, everyone takes on their job with pleasure and gives their best. Every single person is dedicated to making the Press the best it can possibly be.”

Jennifer Bernal, Digital Assets Manager

“I enjoy reading, editing, and learning, all of which I get to do at Notre Dame Press.”

Elizabeth Sain, Manuscript Editor

Dealing with numbers can seem distant from the process that turns manuscripts into published books. But each day I get to work closely with each department as we work diligently to stay within our budget. As I work with our team, I don’t look to make money the driving force for all decisions, but look to use it as a guideline into where we put our efforts that will benefit our authors and Notre Dame Press. I truly enjoy my role and sometimes it is better to not pay attention to the person behind the curtain! 

Paul Ashenfelter, Business Manager

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