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Discover New Paperbacks and New Editions in our Fall 2022 Catalog!

This Fall 2021, we are bringing four Notre Dame Press favorites out in paperback and publishing two new editions of classic titles! Ranging from theology to political science to Latin American Studies, we are thrilled to see our books in this new format. Do you have these titles on your shelf yet?


March 1917: The Red Wheel, Node III, Book 2
by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The Red Wheel is Nobel Prize–winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s multivolume epic work about the Russian Revolution. The action of Book 2 of March 1917 is set during March 13–15, 1917, the Russian Revolution’s turbulent second week. The revolution has already won inside the capital, Petrograd. News of the revolution flashes across all Russia through the telegraph system of the Ministry of Roads and Railways. But this is wartime, and the real power is with the army. This sweeping, historical novel is a must-read for Solzhenitsyn’s many fans.


The Glory and the Burden: The American Presidency from the New Deal to the Present
by Robert Schmuhl

The Glory and the Burden: The American Presidency from the New Deal to the Present is a timely examination of the state of the American presidency and the forces that have shaped it since 1933, with an emphasis on the dramatic changes that have taken place within the institution and to the individuals occupying the Oval Office. A new chapter and other elements have been added to the book, which originally appeared in the fall of 2019. This expanded, updated edition probes the election of Joe Biden in 2020, the transition of the White House from Donald Trump to Biden, and Biden’s first several months in office.


Nannie Helen Burroughs: A Documentary Portrait of an Early Civil Rights Pioneer, 1900–1959
by Nannie Helen Burroughs

Nannie Helen Burroughs (1879–1961) is just one of the many African American intellectuals whose work has long been excluded from the literary canon. In her time, Burroughs was a celebrated African American (or, in her era, a “race woman”) female activist, educator, and intellectual. This book represents a landmark contribution to the African American intellectual historical project by allowing readers to experience Burroughs in her own words. This anthology of her works written between 1900 and 1959 encapsulates Burroughs’s work as a theologian, philosopher, activist, educator, intellectual, and evangelist, as well as the myriad of ways that her career resisted definition.


Óscar Romero’s Theological Vision: Liberation and the Transfiguration of the Poor
by Edgardo Colón-Emeric

On March 24, 1980, Archbishop Óscar Romero was assassinated as he celebrated mass in El Salvador. He was canonized as a saint by Pope Francis on October 14, 2018. Edgardo Colón-Emeric explores the life and thought of Romero and his theological vision, which finds its focus in the mystery of the transfiguration. Romero is now understood to be one of the founders of liberation theology, which interprets scripture through the plight of the poor. Colón-Emeric’s study is an exercise in what Latino/a theologians call ressourcement from the margins, or a return to theological foundations. 


The Chicano Experience: An Alternative Perspective
by Alfredo Mirandé

For more than thirty years, and now in its ninth printing, Alfredo Mirandé’s The Chicano Experience has captivated readers with its groundbreaking analysis of Chicanos in the United States. Although its original context differs markedly from the current demographic landscape, it remains no less relevant today—Latinos have emerged as the largest minority population in the United States. With updated chapters revised in light of contemporary scholarship, this second edition speaks to the Chicano of today, in addition to puertoriqueños, Central Americans, and other groups who share common experiences of colonization, racialization, and, especially in the last decade, demonization.


Jacques And Raïssa Maritain: Beggars for Heaven
by Jean-Luc Barré

This award-winning book, written by Jean-Luc Barré at the request of the Maritain Archives in Kolbsheim, France, and published in France in 1995, was the first biography of noted French philosopher Jacques Maritain and his wife Raïssa. Drawing on the wealth of Maritain materials at the Kolbsheim archives, many of which are unpublished, Barré offers a clear and objective account of the remarkable lives and intellectual pursuits of the Maritains. Noted scholar and translator Bernard Doering has now made this essential work available for the first time in English.

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