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Notre Dame Press Titles Named 2023 Foreword INDIES Finalists

The University of Notre Dame Press is proud to announce that five of our titles have been recognized as Finalists in the 26th annual Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards.

Over 2,400 entries spanning 55 genres were submitted for consideration. Selected by Foreword’s editorial team, the Finalists now await judgment from teams of librarian and bookseller judges nationwide. Read the press release and browse through the categories to see this year’s finalists.

Notre Dame Press Finalists include:


Many great artworks include elements of ugliness: repugnant content, disproportionate forms, unresolved dissonance, and unintegrated parts. Mark William Roche’s authoritative monograph Beautiful Ugliness: Christianity, Modernity, and the Arts challenges current practices of the dominant aesthetic schools by exploring the role of ugliness in art and literature.


Despite the exemplary service of most American military members, a persistent minority of U.S. flag officers (Navy admirals and Army, Air Force, and Marine generals) have embroiled the profession in scandal since the Revolutionary War. In Generals and Admirals, Criminals and Crooks: Dishonorable Leadership in the U.S. Military, award-winning author Jeffrey J. Matthews examines bad leadership in American military history over the past one hundred years, beginning with war crimes in the Philippine-American War and ending with the recent Fat Leonard corruption scandal.


This wide-ranging study sets out to answer an unassumingly tricky question: What is politics in Islam? Paul L. Heck’s answer in Political Theology and Islam: From the Birth of Empire to the Modern State takes the form of a close analysis of sovereignty across Islamic history, approaching this concept from the perspective of political theology.


One of the most important voices in contemporary Catholicism, Tomáš Halík argues that Christians can discover the clearest vision of God not by turning away from suffering but by confronting it. In Touch the Wounds: On Suffering, Trust, and Transformation, Halík calls upon us to follow the apostle Thomas’s example: to see the pain, suffering, and poverty of our world and to touch those wounds with faith and action.

War & Military

American Presidents in Diplomacy and War: Statecraft, Foreign Policy, and Leadership chronicles the major foreign policy crises faced by twelve American presidents in order to uncover the reoccurring patterns of successful and less successful uses of diplomatic, economic, and military power. In this brief and highly readable book, Thomas R. Parker reveals how America’s most successful leaders manage events instead of allowing events to control them.

Winners in each genre, along with Editor’s Choice Prize winners and Foreword’s Indie Publisher of the Year, will be announced in June 2024.


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