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Reflecting on Leadership

As Notre Dame Press celebrates its 75th anniversary, we’re highlighting thought-provoking and inspiring stories about leadership. Take a look at five of our titles that feature different leaders across time and place who shaped history.

Ruling Women:
Queenship and Gender in Anglo-Saxon Literature

by Stacy S. Klein

In Ruling Women, Stacy Klein explores how Anglo-Saxon texts engage with accounts of legendary queens to form and subvert cultural ideals of femininity within Anglo-Saxon literary practice.

“Although these works are not typically presented together, Klein unites them to illustrate the myriad roles of literary queens. . . An important contribution to Anglo-Saxon feminist theory, this book will have a significant impact on Anglo-Saxon studies in general.”


Fifty Years with Father Hesburgh:
On and Off the Record

by Robert Schmuhl

Robert Schmuhl’s Fifty Years with Father Hesburgh paints the portrait of a university leader deeply connected to his students, even during times of political turmoil and sickness. Known as “Everybody’s Grandfather,” Father Hesburgh’s legacy lives on around Notre Dame’s campus and beyond.

“Father Hesburgh’s rock solid faith, character, and intellect changed Notre Dame, America, and the world forever. Robert Schmuhl’s book perfectly captures Father Ted’s amazing life.”

—Joe Donnelly, United States Senator for Indiana

From Revolution to Power in Brazil:
How Radical Leftists Embraced Capitalism and Struggled with Leadership

by Kenneth P. Serbin

Kenneth Serbin’s From Revolution to Power in Brazil examines how a generation of Brazilian resistance fighters rebuilt their lives after dictatorial rule in the 1980s, focusing on key leaders and political challenges that led to the emergence of a global capitalist democracy.

From Revolution to Power in Brazil provides a lavishly detailed chronicle of the guerrillas and revolutionaries who rose to the pinnacle of Brazil’s political system only to fall from grace and find their quest for power questioned by robust institutions. As Brazil grapples once again with threats to its democratic advances, this book is essential reading for understanding how political power functions in Latin America’s largest country.”

—Simon Romero, New York Times

The Theology of Mercy Amba Oduyoye:
Ecumenism, Feminism, and Communal Practice

by Oluwatomisin Olayinka Oredein

Oluwatomisin Oredein centers the experiences of African female theologians in The Theology of Mercy Amba Oduyoye, which tells the story of one Ghanaian Methodist theologian committed to social issues concerning gender and race.

“Giving voice to African women theologians to reinvent feminism, reinvent Christian theology, and reinvent African culture, three crucial moments or movements, gives birth to the inclusive view of the human created by God. That is why this book must be read by all: women and men, Christian and other religious practitioners, Black, White and other Shades.”

Bulletin of Ecumenical Theology

John Hume in America:
From Derry To DC

by Maurice Fitzpatrick

Maurice Fitzpatrick’s John Hume in America chronicles how John Hume, the man often considered the architect of the Northern Ireland peace process, tirelessly worked with American, British, and Irish leaders to establish peace.

“A masterful study of how this son of the Bogside, with the help of the Irish Government, mobilized the power of successive Presidents of the United States.”

—Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar

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