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An Interview with D. C. Schindler, Author of “Retrieving Freedom”

D. C. Schindler is professor of metaphysics and anthropology at the John Paul II Institute, Washington, DC. He is the author of eleven books, including Freedom from Reality: The Diabolical Character of Modern Liberty (Notre Dame Press, 2017). The University of Notre Dame Press is thrilled publish his latest book, Retrieving Freedom: The Christian Appropriation […]

A Celebration of Environmental Awareness Month

In honor of Environmental Awareness Month, the University Notre Dame Press is excited to highlight seven works that bring to light all things environmental! These texts cover all things from religion to politics (and more!) within the lens of environmental concern and appreciation. An Inconvenient Apocalypse In An Inconvenient Apocalypse: Environmental Collapse, Climate Crisis, and the […]

An Excerpt from “An Inconvenient Apocalypse” by Wes Jackson and Robert Jensen

For decades, our world has understood that we are on the brink of an apocalypse—and yet the only implemented solutions have been small and convenient, feel-good initiatives that avoid unpleasant truths about the root causes of our impending disaster. In An Inconvenient Apocalypse, Wes Jackson and Robert Jensen argue that we must reconsider the origins […]

Learning Philosophy Through Philosophy of Religion

On the latest episode of Parker’s Pensées podcast, Parker Settecase interviews Paul Herrick about his recently published book, Philosophy, Reasoned Belief, and Faith: An Introduction. The episode is titled “Learn Philosophy Through Philosophy of Religion.”  In the following blog post, Paul Herrick expands on some of the issues he discussed during the podcast, including his […]

A Celebration of Alasdair MacIntyre

In anticipation of the September 2022 publication of Alasdair MacIntyre: An Intellectual Biography, the University of Notre Dame Press is excited to feature six celebrated works written by the renowned philosopher. After Virtue: A Study in Moral Theory, Third Edition In After Virtue, Alasdair MacIntyre examines the historical and conceptual roots of the idea of […]

Discover New Paperbacks and New Editions in our Fall 2022 Catalog!

This Fall 2021, we are bringing four Notre Dame Press favorites out in paperback and publishing two new editions of classic titles! Ranging from theology to political science to Latin American Studies, we are thrilled to see our books in this new format. Do you have these titles on your shelf yet? NEW IN PAPERBACK […]

One of the Twentieth Century’s Leading Moral Philosophers Featured in Award-Winning Biography

On September 1, 2022, the University of Notre Dame Press will publish Alasdair MacIntyre: An Intellectual Biography by Émile Perreau-Saussine, translated by Nathan J. Pinkoski, with a foreword by Pierre Manent. Winner of the prestigious 2005 Philippe Habert Prize, the late Perreau-Saussine’s Alasdair Macintyre: Une biographie intellectuelle, will now be available for the first time in English. Alasdair MacIntyre provides a stimulating intellectual biography and critical […]

An Excerpt from “Philosophy, Reasoned Belief, and Faith” by Paul Herrick

Philosophy, Reasoned Belief, and Faith is written for philosophy instructors who want their students to take a deeper look at the classic theistic arguments and who believe that many traditional views can be rigorously defended against the strongest objections. The book is divided into four sections, focusing on philosophy of religion, an introduction to epistemology, philosophy […]