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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s March 1917, Node III, Book 1, of The Red Wheel: Coming in November

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the University of Notre Dame Press is proud to publish Nobel Prize–winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s epic work March 1917, Node III, Book 1, of The Red Wheel, translated by Marian Schwartz.

Solzhenitsyn tells this story covering March 8-12, 1917, in the form of a meticulously researched historical novel, supplemented by newspaper headlines of the day, fragments of street action, cinematic screenplay, and historical overview. The first two nodes—August 1914 and November 1916—focus on Russia’s crises and recovery, on revolutionary terrorism and its suppression, on the missed opportunity of Pyotr Stolypin’s reforms, and how the surge of patriotism in August 1914 soured as Russia bled in World War I. March 1917—the...

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Ana Jimenez-Moreno receives 2017–2018 Mellon University Press Diversity Fellowship

The University of Notre Dame Press is pleased to announce that Ana Jimenez-Moreno has been awarded the 2017–2018 Mellon University Press Diversity Fellowship at the University of Georgia Press. Through this year-long, full time acquisitions position, fellows are immersed in the operations of a leading scholarly press, working closely with senior acquisitions editors and authors, and managing book projects through the entire publication process.
Fellowships are awarded to outstanding candidates who have significant personal experience and engagement with diverse communities and a demonstrated ability to bring the understandings gleaned from such engagement to the daily work of academic publishing.

The yearlong...

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