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Notre Dame Press to publish new edition of memoir by Gerry Adams, one of the most recognizable and controversial figures in Irish politics

In this fascinating memoir of his early life, Gerry Adams, the president of Sinn Féin, the political wing of the Irish Republican Army, describes the development of the modern "Troubles’’ in Northern Ireland and his own central role in them, culminating in the tragic hunger strike by imprisoned IRA members in 1981. Before the Dawn is an engaging and revealing self-portrait that is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand modern Ireland. First published in 1996—at a time when politics in Northern Ireland was at an impasse and the Good Friday Agreement was still many tense months away—this new edition contains a brand new introduction and epilogue written by the author, covering...

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Book by Fred Dallmayr challenges the "desert character" of modern culture

Fred Dallmayr, the Packey J. Dee Professor Emeritus in philosophy and political science at the University of Notre Dame, has published a new book titled Spiritual Guides: Pathfinders in the Desert. Dallmayr contends that political and economic corruption, incessant warmongering, spoliation of natural resources, and, above all, mindless consumerism and greedy self-satisfaction are all symptoms of an expanding wasteland or desert where everything creative and nourishing decays and withers. Through an alternative interpretation of Nietzsche’s saying “the desert grows,” this book calls for spiritual renewal, invoking, in particular, four prominent guides or pathfinders in the desert: Paul Tillich, Raimon Panikkar, Thomas Merton, and Pope Francis. What links all four guides together is...

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