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Erik Ching is interviewed on New Books in Latin American Studies

Erik Ching, author of Authoritarian El Salvador: Politics and the Origins of the Military Regimes, 1880–1940, was interviewed by Brice Bongiovanni on New Books in Latin American Studies.

Authoritarian El Salvador is an innovative and important work that seeks to explain the origins of the military regime that came to power in 1931. Based on his comprehensive survey of the extant documentary record in El Salvador’s national archive, Ching argues that El Salvador was typified by a longstanding tradition of authoritarianism dating back to the early- to mid-nineteenth century.

“During the 1980s, when El Salvador was in the...

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THE WAY called "a work of major importance" in TLS

Ruth Coates, in her glowing Times Literary Supplement review of The Way: Religious Thinkers of the Russian Emigration in Paris and Their Journal, 1925–1940 says the book is “a work of major importance that will become a standard point of reference for everyone with an interest, scholarly or otherwise, in the philosophical, political and religious culture of the Russian intelligentsia in exile.” The full-page review, which ran on January 9, 2015, points out that “The Way, Antoine Arjakovsky’s magisterial study of the Russian emigration of the interwar period, published in French over a decade ago and already translated into Russian, is now available to the English-speaking world thanks to a new translation by Jerry Ryan.”

The journal Put’, or The Way, was one of the...

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