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Notre Dame Press announces the forthcoming publication of the first English translation of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's memoir of the West, BETWEEN TWO MILLSTONES

The University of Notre Dame Press is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of BETWEEN TWO MILLSTONES: Sketches of Exile. “This will be the first English translation of Book 1 of Solzhenitsyn’s memoir of the West, covering the years of 1974-1978,” notes Kathryn Pitts, Marketing Manager for University of Notre Dame Press, “and is part of our Center for Ethics and Culture Solzhenitsyn Series." Pitts went on to note, "The Center for Ethics and Culture Solzhenitsyn series showcases the contributions and continuing inspiration of Nobel Prize–winning novelist and historian, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918–2008), and makes available works of Solzhenitsyn, including...

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Book sheds new light on Robert Giroux’s and Flannery O’Connor’s relationship, including never before published letters

“Samway weaves an insightful account of how an uncommonly discerning editor helped guide a distinctive authorial voice to new literary heights.” —Publishers Weekly

Flannery O’Connor is considered one of America’s greatest fiction writers. The immensely talented Robert Giroux, editor-in-chief of Harcourt, Brace & Company and later of Farrar, Straus & Giroux, was her devoted friend, admirer, and editor.Flannery O’Connor and Robert Giroux: A Publishing Partnership by Patrick Samway, S.J., sheds new light on O’Connor’s and Giroux’s personal and professional relationship, including never before published letters, from their meeting in 1949 until her death in 1964 from lupus at the age...

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