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Two Books garner INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards from Foreword Reviews’ Magazine

We are proud to announce that Adventures in Philosophy at Notre Dame, by Kenneth Sayre, has won the Bronze Award in Philosophy for the INDIEFAB Book of the Year awards. Sayre is professor of philosophy and director of the Philosophic Institute at the University of Notre Dame. The book recounts the fascinating history of the University of Notre Dame’s Department of Philosophy, chronicling the challenges, difficulties, and tensions that accompanied its transition from an obscure outpost of scholasticism in the 1940s into one of the more distinguished philosophy departments in the world today.

Dark Light of Love, by the late John S. Dunne, has won the Bronze Award in Religion for the...

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CHOICE Magazine reviews two religion books this month

The June 2015 issue of Choice Magazine contains two thoughtful reviews of recently published religion titles from the University of Notre Dame Press. Paulinus Ikechukwu Odozor’s new book, Morality Truly Christian, Truly African: Foundational, Methodological, and Theological, is called “an outstanding work on African Christian moral theology.” The reviewer says, “[Odozor] places great emphasis on theological enculturation, a continual process of dialogue between theology and culture . . . the enculturation process involves a triple dialogue involving African Christian theologies, Catholic fundamental moral theologies, and African traditional religious ethics.”

Bo Karen...

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